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Access Colorado Records: warrants, divorce and marriage, arrests, driver's license, and all public records.

Colorado public records can be accessed by state residents thanks to two acts: the Colorado Open Records Act (1968) and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (1977).

These laws make it possible for anyone to find state records quickly, when using a records search option that accesses each individual database in an instant.

For individual searches, this guide outlines everything needed to find state records quickly, including free Colorado divorce records, free Colorado warrant search options, do a free marriage search in CO and more.

Colorado’s State Record Laws (A Summary)

In 1870, Colorado state officials started recording public records.1 According to the Colorado Open Records Act and the (restrictive) Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, people can search for the following:

  • Inmate records
  • Vital records
  • Court records
  • Criminal records

With that said, knowing where to begin in looking for information can be a trial for many. Fortunately, anyone interested in researching records for any reason can start by referencing our guide to get their questions answered, saving time and stress.

Colorado Criminal Records Explained

Criminal records, aka rap sheets, possess vital information about all criminals who reside in the state of Colorado. Some of this information includes a criminal’s name, background checks, contact information, inmate look-ups, any court records, and more.

Knowing these details about someone is beneficial for anyone, particularly those who need to screen potential tenants or employees.

Are Criminal Records in Colorado Accessible to the Public?

Due to the statutes outlined Colorado Open Records Act, the general public is free to request access to criminal records for any reason, whether it’s their own or someone else.2

However, The Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act limits access to criminal justice records in the forms of books, tapes, recordings, and other related material.

Search Colorado Criminal Records Online & Offline

If anyone wishes to look up a Colorado resident’s criminal record online, they can check the CBI’s (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) Internet Criminal History Check System.

Before they can conduct their search, users need to sign up for an account. Each search costs $5.00. If they want to mail in a form, it’ll cost them $13.00. The address is:

Logikco LLC
330 Roberts Street, Suite 400
East Hartford, CT 06108

In addition, they need a person’s first and last name along with the date of birth. Inputting a social security number is optional but highly recommended since it may produce more accurate search results.

A screenshot of the Internet Criminal History Check System portal from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website displays fields provided for the first name, last name, date of birth, social security number, and IDT number.
Source: State of Colorado Criminal History Check11

Those who prefer to talk on the phone can call the CBI to inquire about someone’s public criminal records. The number is 303-239-4208.

If the information can’t be found through the CBI, our guide on Colorado arrests and criminal records provides additional agencies that host and distribute public criminal records as well as arrest logs and contact information for each county.

How To Find Public Arrest Records in Colorado

Many people often wonder if arrest records and criminal records are synonymous. Despite their apparent similarity, they actually have distinct characteristics.

For example, even if someone’s been charged with a crime and arrested, it doesn’t imply guilt. In other words, they’re a suspect unless proven guilty. Whereas criminal records contain information about those who have a history of convicted cases.3

Many police departments and sheriff’s offices in Colorado offer public access to recent arrest records. For example, a popular crime information center is one run by the Colorado Springs Police Department. Its site has a section called the Police Blotter. The Police Blotter Page lists information like date, time, and the alleged crime committed.

Anyone can also visit the websites of local county sheriff’s offices and city police departments to electronically request an arrest report. The arrest records at these facilities usually include a suspect’s:

  • Full Name
  • Fingerprint Class
  • Charge Dates
  • Booking Numbers

If desired, a person can print off, fill out, and mail in a paper form. Additionally, the site provides a mugshot unless the arrest is being processed at a facility other than a detention center.

Are Colorado Juvenile Records Public Information?

Criminal records of minors are not a part of Colorado public records. They can only be released at the juvenile’s request, to their parent or guardian, their attorney, or other criminal justice agencies.

Furthermore, anyone who committed a crime in their youth can request to have their criminal records expunged unless the said crime is related to a violent or sexual offense.4

How To Check if You Have a Warrant in Colorado (Free Search)

If someone wants to see if they or someone else has an arrest warrant out, they can visit the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) site since the state of Colorado doesn’t have an online depository for arrest warrants. However, people can visit their local sheriff’s office or police department to ask about a certain warrant.

Its warrant information system contains information related to federal court records, warrant correspondence, and other related details of the person in question. They need to call the USMS headquarters located in Arlington, Virginia, to arrange an appointment to use one of the facility’s computers. Its operating hours are 9 am-5 pm EST.

Browse the Colorado Sex Offender Registry

It’s crucial for someone to check if a person’s registered with the state’s sex offender registry, especially if their company or organization serves children, those with special needs, and other vulnerable populations.

They can look on the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Search website, though it doesn’t post all convicted sex offenders in the state, including juvenile sex offenders and ones found guilty of misdemeanors. To obtain a complete list of sex offenders, people can call their local sheriffs or police departments to double-check.5

Screenshot of the sex offender search results from the website of Colorado Bureau of Investigation, listing the offenders' mugshots, names, addresses, links to the map of their locations, dates of birth, and offender designations.
Source: Colorado Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry12

There are two types of web searches someone can conduct on the site: an advanced search and a map search. The advanced search contains boxes where a person can research by last name, first name, city, zip code, county, and conviction level. Anyone preferring a visual search can use the map version as seen below:

Run a Colorado Background Check

Employers who are in the middle of the hiring process need to make sure that their potential workers are safe to mingle with the public or be trusted with sensitive information like social security numbers.

In addition, anyone can conduct a prison background check or other checks on themselves to ensure eligibility for a job or an apartment.

Conducting background checks can be difficult, but Colorado has facilitated the process for its residents. One source people can use is the Inmate Criminal History Check (ICHC) System mentioned earlier in this article. Another Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) endorsed source, IdentoGO, offers state history checks, photo services, fingerprint cards, and an FBI history check. (The FBI history check is for personal use only.)

Colorado Fingerprinting, like IdentoGO, is also an approved background check vendor of the CBI. It offers fingerprinting services for security guards, kinship adoption, licensure, and much more.

People can schedule appointments through either site via phone or online form. To schedule an appointment with IdentoGO, call 855-845-7434 or visit their website to fill out their online form. For Colorado Fingerprinting, individual can find their contact information on their website.

Can You Look Up Court Records & Cases in Colorado?

Public access to court cases and records in Colorado are available online through the State Judicial Branch’s Court Docket Search. But, Colorado’s Judicial Branch also suggests using these three vendors: Background Information Services, Inc. (BIS), CoCourts, and Tessera Data.

In addition to court records, BIS. covers niches like drug testing, eviction records, and federal searches.

CoCourts is a Colorado court database that contains records related to criminal, civil, and domestic open/closed cases. Juvenile and sealed court records aren’t included.

Tessera Data allows others to research civil court records all over the country. These records are associated with judgments, suits, offenses, and claims.

How To Search Colorado Court Records by Name (Free CO Divorce Records)

The easiest way to obtain court records of Colorado is to use their Court Docket Search which also allows users to search records by first or last name.

Otherwise, to obtain court records from the BIS website, a person first needs to create an account. They can do this by visiting the site’s wholesale section and clicking the words “Let’s Talk” on the bottom.

The link directs the user to a page where they need to select the number of searches they want to conduct per month. Additionally, they have to enter their name, email or phone number, and other important information. Prices aren’t listed on the site, so the user needs to inquire about them with a representative while signing up for an account.

BIS is open from 8 am-5 pm MST every weekday. The mailing address of the company is:

Background Information Services, Inc.
1716 N Main St. Suite A, #168
Longmont, CO 80501

On CoCourts, a person can click on the “Sign Up” tab near the top of the homepage to search for and view the records. They can research a petitioner, respondent, or defendant by their full first and last name. The cost of using this online directory is $10.00. A user can also call or email CoCourts.

Visitors of Tessera Data can filter their searches by state, country, and federal levels. Nevertheless, this requires the assistance of a representative. They just need to fill out the site’s web form to get started.

How Do You Find Bankruptcy Records in Colorado?

Whether someone wants to conduct a bankruptcy check on themselves or someone else, they can search through PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). The price is $0.10 per page, but if anyone can’t afford it, other options are available.

For on-site searches, people can stop by the US Bankruptcy Court located in Denver. Visitors are required to show a valid ID and go through a security screening before entering.6

How To Search Colorado Property & Real Estate Records by Owner

In Colorado, most real estate and/or property records are openly available to the public. People can research them through sites run by counties like Adams County and El Paso County. Some of this information includes recent sale history, maps, and/or property legal descriptions. Interested parties can also call or visit their local county clerk’s office.

How To Look Up CO Business Records

Colorado public records aren’t limited to private individuals, and people can check public records of local business owners, too.

This comes in handy if someone wants to ensure the legitimacy of a business before patronizing it. In addition, small business owners who desire to see whether they’re in good standing or not benefit as well.

The state’s business organization page is located on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. Site visitors need to click on the link that says “Search business database” to get to this page:

An image from the Colorado secretly of state showing that citizens can find various businesses and who owns them in the state of CO.
Source: Colorado Secretary of State13

Then, they type in the ID or document number, business name, or trademark before clicking the “Search” button. This displays documents in the form of PDF images. Furthermore, people can check the status of a business listed in three categories: Good Standing, Noncompliant, and Delinquent.

Colorado Vital Records & Certificates: Free Marriage Records

This guide covers four types of vital records:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates

Who Can Obtain Vital Records in Colorado?

People often inquire about the accessibility of vital records, such as whether marriage records are publicly available or if public divorce records exist.

According to the Colorado State Statute (C.R.S. 25-2-117), vital records are not public records.7 Only authorized parties are allowed to purchase vital records such as a relative or spouse.

Although Colorado doesn’t provide the general public with access to vital records, it does share divorce rates with the United States Census Bureau. The image below displays the divorced population in each Colorado county:

The map illustrates data from the United States Census Bureau and shows the percentage of divorced population in each county in Colorado and a legend is located at the top right corner indicating that the highest divorce number is 18.10% and the lowest is 6.70%.
Source: The Census Bureau

Best Way To Get Vital Records or Replacements in Colorado

Digital vital records in Colorado can be purchased through the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE).

The CDPHE partners with vendors GoCertificates and VitalChek. It takes approximately 30 business days to process online orders. Additionally, people can order by phone (866-300-8540) or place walk-in orders.

Vital Records & Fees

There are many valid reasons to obtain a certified copy of any vital records. Perhaps, an adoptee wants to know the names of their birth parents. Or, someone catches a mistake on their birth certificate/certificate of birth and wants to correct it. Maybe a person wants to find out if someone is married or divorced.

Fee schedule for vital records reports in Colorado showing options for certificates and verifications but not free Colorado divorce records, which can be found online.
Source: Colorado Office of Vital Records Fee Schedule7

Whatever the objective, here are the fees for procuring a marriage certificate, a divorce certificate, a death certificate/certificate of death, and more.

Colorado Inmate Records & Registries

The incarceration rate in the state of Colorado is 614 per 100,000 people. This includes facilities like jails, juvenile detention centers, and prisons.8 Knowing this can make it tough for someone to locate a friend, a relative, or anyone else they care about.

Inmate records usually contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Mugshot
  • Inmate Number
  • Crime Committed
  • Parole
  • Birthdate
  • Receipt Date
  • Correctional Facility Address

How To Track Down Details of Inmates in a Colorado Jail

Anyone who wants to find out if someone is in jail in Colorado has great options to choose from. For example, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office provides an online inmate search tool.

On this website, a user only needs to input the first and last name of the inmate and the booking date to commence their search. They can also phone the inmate hotline to get more in-depth information. Note, the Jefferson County inmate lookup tool can’t be used to find former inmates or incarcerated juveniles.

Moreover, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office offers an inmate lookup that can be use to access information about incarcerated individuals in the county. Here, people can search for an inmate using their full name as well as obtain information concerning bonds and changes.

For any assistance with the research process, users can contact the office’s automated information center.

How To Look Up Prisoners in Colorado Prisons

If the inmate in question is residing in a state prison, the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) provides an offender search tool on its website.

All a person needs to do is input the inmate’s document number, first name, and last name, and then select the gender before clicking the submit button. Additionally, people can call the department’s number.

Colorado department of corrections offender search portal screenshot with place to enter names and submit for CO inmate lookup.
Source: Colorado Department of Corrections14

Those who want to bypass the Colorado DOC’s site can call some of the prisons directly. Correctional facilities like the Arrowhead Correctional Center and the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility have their own direct contact numbers.

Inmates who reside in federal prisons can be located through the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website. People can search for them by name, age, race, and sex, or by registered number. Those using the site need to know that jail sentences are constantly being reviewed and updated due to the First Step Act. Therefore, release dates may be outdated, and it’s highly recommended that visitors check the site frequently.9

Check a Colorado Inmate’s Release Date

For many people, there’s no greater news than knowing that their loved one is finally leaving jail or prison, especially if they’ve been imprisoned for several months or years. They can contact their local county’s office by phone or online to locate inmate release dates.

If they prefer to conduct their research online, they can visit the Colorado DOC’s parole page. Visitors of the site have to click on the “Parole Board” tab and then they can filter between dates for scheduled hearings. Any citizen can also review detailed information on looking up Colorado parolees for more guidance.

Colorado Inmate Visitation & Guide To Sending Money

Before anyone can visit a loved one in jail, there are some guidelines they need to follow.

First, they need to stop by any of the 21 correctional facilities in the Colorado DOC system and find out how to get jail paperwork. (A parent or guardian needs to fill out an application for a visiting minor.) Once they turn in the required forms and valid IDs, visitors can then submit their email addresses to schedule video visits.

They have to bring a photo ID and check in 15 minutes before the visit starts. Visitors are charged $0.40 per minute, and each visit has a time limit of 10 minutes.

How To Send Money to an Inmate in CO

Inmates who are part of the Colorado DOC system have a special account through which they can buy hygiene products, clothing, food, stationery, and other essential goods.10 Friends and loved ones can send money through the Colorado Department of Corrections’ three partner companies:

J-Pay allows others to send money via an app, online with a credit and/ or debit card, or through a local store or kiosk. Western Union offers phone, online, and in-person options. GTL provides mobile, online, and phone payment options, and it even has an English/Spanish toll-free phone system. Deposit fees and limits vary from company to company, so it’s vital for someone to visit their websites or call for more information.

The Colorado DOC doesn’t accept mail-in payments.

Anyone whose loved one is imprisoned in a county jail like the Larimer County Jail can send money through an inmate’s TouchPay account or phone the sheriff’s office. Additionally, they can call to pay any outstanding debts.

Hunting down records can be a tough battle for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether someone needs to probate a will of a relative, amend a vital record, or go through a background check, this article should make it easier and quicker to locate any needed Colorado public records.


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